Datsan Baldan-Braybun is on the right bank of the Chikoy River at the foot of Khumen Khan Mountain, 68 kilometers from the city of Kyakhta. It was founded in the 1730s by the First Pandito Khamba Lama Damba-Darzha Zayayev. From this point on Buddhism spread to the territory of the Russian Empire. During the years of persecution of religion, it was completely destroyed to the ground. In 1994, thanks to the efforts of the believers and the current Pandito Hambo Lama, Dyuba Ayusheev was partially restored in 1994.

Arya Bala Rangrun is a unique natural site located 1.5 kilometers from the datsan in a picturesque place. In the world of such unique places only two: 1- is in Nepal, 2 – in Buryatia. On the ledge of the rock, the mantra of Avalokiteshvara (Arya-Baalin) Omni padmehum is miraculously manifested. Prayer inscription was the goal of pilgrimage of Buddhists from all over Central Asia and Transbaikalia. Ideal for meditation and purifying your own karma.

Sands Aman Khan (which means the Khan’s mouth) is a unique natural object, located 10 kilometers from the datsan. It is located among the forest and mountains. The area of ​​the sand is more than 10 kilometers in length and 5-6 kilometers in width. It represents dunes and barkhans and a whole ocean of yellow sand. It is included in 7 miracles of Buryatia. Visiting quicksand “Aman-Khan” and a healing spring only in the summer.
The cost of a one-day tour with a group of 10 people up to 14 people – 2500 r / person.
The price includes: transfer, visiting of holy places, photosession, accompaniment Lunch for extra payment from 150 rubles per person.