Following the history of nomadic culture


Active tours in the Baikal lake area

Baikal, Lamu, Tengis, and Dalai people: All of them see Lake Baikal as one of the great wonders, and they add “sacred” to its name, struck by its beauty and magnificence; a multitude of legends, traditions, and fairy-tales are connected with the Baikal, all stressing its sacredness and wisdom. This unique world-famous lake—the oldest, deepest, and purest—is situated in Eastern Siberia, about 300 km to the north of the Mongolian border; it contains 20 per cent of the world’s fresh-water supply and forms a gigantic 636 km long basin shaped as a half-moon in a mountainous taiga frame.

Baikal is famous not only for its age and dimensions but as well for its unique diversity of plant and animal life: Three quarters of the 1,400 animal and over 850 plant species populating its water are endemic. There exists even a unique species of seal in the lake—the “nerpa”—, which is remarkable because seal usually lives only in salt water.

The beautiful and impressive scenery of Lake Baikal attracts many visitors from all over the world; still being “ terra incognita”, it is awating you to open its world of wonders and mysteries:

Explore Lake Baikal’s beauty by horseback riding, hiking, hunting, boating, and fishing; take part in ornithological, trekking, and ecotours all around its shores.

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