Following the history of nomadic culture



We are glad to  invite you to:

  • experience dog-sledding in the outskirts of Ulan-Ude;
  • visit a local brewery and taste local beer;
  • visit a private museum in Ulan-Ude, that displays unique objects of household,  art and religion.

Dear friends,

we would like you to include in your itineraries some elements of the topic “ Prodigy is next to you”.       Here are some ideas:

–   visit to the museum of Transbaikalia people Traditional Art College, where there is a nice chance to see students’ works on wood, metall, the art of designing a traditional dress, carpeting of horse’s hair;

  • visit to a settlement Khorinsk, where you can enjoy  Buryat Fashion Dress Show, worship a  33 m Buddha image on the rock;
  • participate in a master-class in painting of plates or to experience in calligraphy