Following the history of nomadic culture


Religious tours

Buryatia is the unique place in the world where three religions coexist peacefully: Shamanism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Shamanism is the oldest religion among the Siberian peoples and worships the Earth and the Eternal Blue Sky. Much later, in the 17th century, Buddhism reached Buryatia in the form of  the Gelugpa school—also known as Lamaism—and Christianity came here with the arrival of the Russian Cossacks;  Buddhism was officially recognized in Russia in 1741.

Visit the sacred places of our Buryat religions:

Obo—shamanistic places  in the open air with rock paintings dating from the Bronze Ages

Tamchinsky and Ivolginsky datsans—Buddhist monasteries

Atsagat village—the last home of Agvan Dorzhiev , the Buddhist reformatory and teacher of the XIII

The station of English missionaries in Novoselenginsk, and the village of Russian Old-believers: Tarbagatay, Desyatnikovo, Bolshoy Kunaley, …

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